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I MEET AN ADEPT                       273
Those eyes were the most striking feature of a striking face. They were large and beautiful, perfect circles of luminous colour, and the whites were so pronounced as to give almost supernatural depth to the jet-black pupils.
We looked at each other in silence for full two minutes. There was such authority and distinction in his face that I thought it almost impertinent to address him first. What his first words to me were I shall, alas! never remember, for my mind seemed to haze over even before he spoke. Some hidden gland of latent clairvoyant vision inside my head, began to stir into sudden function. I saw a radiant spoked wheel of light revolve before me and slightly above my head, at high speed. With its working there was a receding of my physical moorings, and an entry into some supernormal and ethereal state of consciousness.
Suffice to say that he did address me, when the vision of the whirling wheel died away; my mind returned to realize that I stood on the top of the loftiest peak of the Theban hills, and was surrounded by an outspread scene of desolate grandeur.
I broke the silence by greeting him with "Good afternoon" in Arabic. He responded immediately, speaking perfectly-accented English. Indeed, had I shut my eyes I could have imagined some English-born college graduate was replying, instead of this long-robed Oriental.
And, before I could think over what form my introductory words should take, I unexpectedly, found myself blurting out, as though urged by an interior force:
"Sir, I feel sure that you will understand a peculiar experience which I have just had whilst standing near to you/* I described my unexpected vision to him.
He gazed meditatively at me, then nodded his head.
"I do," he replied, quietly.
"I am sensitive to atmospheres, and the fact that this thing happened when your personality was brought into contact witn mine makes me believe that you possess some unusual power," I continued.
Again his eyes studied me. After the pause he said:
"I deliberately wanted you to have that experience. I willed that it should silently carry to you a certain message—and it has!"
"You mean-----?"
"That now you recognize the Order to which I belong."